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Web Portal Prototype

Case Study

Project Background

Onlife Heath needed to redesign their medical coach admin site. As part of Guidewell's family of companies, Onlife Heath approached the UX team of Guidewell Connect for this task. Unfortunately, in-house developers created the design without anticipating any user experience methodologies; as a result, the site was not user-friendly, and the coaches needed to go through a series of processes that prolonged their interaction with their customers.

Task and Mision

  • Design a responsive interface that is easier to use
  • Create efficient medical notes functionalities
  • Create a calendar integration with the medical notes with appointment features
  • Integrate better communication between the coaches and their clients
  • Create a coach management interface for system admin users


A twenty questions questionnaire was given to get users' feedback. This questionnaire had questions about functionalities and features to help improve the user experience of the portal, and we discovered the following:

  • Coach manages about ten or more accounts
  • Admin users can see all accounts and interact with coaches
  • Health monitoring devices do not have integration with the health programs
  • Medical notes do not have integration with the calendar and are partially integrated with the health programs
  • We encountered a complicated documentation-filling system
  • The portal needed more capability of updating data on-real time
  • Too many long steps to create or complete a task


Persona: The Coach

Johanna is an educated 25 years old medical coach with 3-years of experience. Where did Johanna come from? She is a direct result of the answers collected through the questionnaire during the research phase.

Persona: Empathy Map

Based on our persona, this empathy map looks at the insight provided by the results of the research phase. They sum up how the user feels, thinks, wants to see, etc.


Sketches: just ideas on a piece of paper

I created sketches based on a basic understanding of the task and mission required for this project; I quickly ideated/brainstormed design ideas. I started with just the homepage to get a sense of where the significant elements might fall on the page, keeping it open because I knew it would change during the final concept interaction. These are a sample of the home page and cases list (List of Clients) used by the Coaches.


Next, I created a sitemap based on our questionnaire results and the task needed to redesign the site. I used a User Flow to understand better the complexities and decisions that a coach may make. Exploring search behaviors, focusing on what functions they are likely to use and the health program process.


These wireframes take everything up to this point and organize the information architecture into something more visual. I used the information collected and the site map to help create the main screens. I started making the wireframes of the desktop version since the responsive version just was for tablets. The numbers show annotations where interactions that are not obvious need some explanation. See the online clickable prototype

Home Page (Dashboard)
Member List (Case Load)
Member Detail Page
Member Detail / Action Code Page