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CoachOn site prototype

UX / Information Architecture

About the Project

OnLife Health wanted to redesign its online healthcare coaches platform entirely with a modern and out-of-the-box approach since the site was not user-friendly and had serious usability and interaction issues.

My Role
UX, Information Architecture
My focus was on redesigning the platform to enhance user-friendliness and intuitiveness. I treated this project as a fresh start, addressing any familiarity challenges users might face after I become familiar with the requirements.
6 months. Self-started project with team collaboration.
Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Jira, UserZoom (UX research)


List of issues addresses in the redesign

  • Lack of intuitive and user-friendly interface for coaches and clients to manage health and fitness data inputs.
  • Lack of calendar integration with medical notes and appointment features.
  • Inefficient medical note functionalities that needed improvement for easier use.
  • Inadequate methods of communication between coaches and clients.
  • Absence of a coach management interface for system admin users to monitor coaches under their responsibilities.

To tackle these issues, the proposed design solution focused on creating a responsive interface, enhancing medical notes functionalities, integrating calendars with appointments, improving communication channels, and developing a coach management interface. Collaboration with stakeholders, developers, and coaches' managers was crucial to ensure the application met the requirements.


These research findings are the results of questions given to a selected group of 10 coaches and their supervisors (using UserZoom), and their answers were taken into consideration during the design process to address user needs and enhance the overall user experience.

  • Users expressed the need to understand complex functionalities to effectively monitor different programs and services within the site.
  • The need for more intuitive and better navigation was identified as a usability issue.
  • Users desired a search functionality to quickly find necessary information for creating health programs with monitoring capabilities.
  • Users expressed the desire for real-time data updates.
  • Issues with intuitiveness in the design, slow loading times, and the need for more customization options were observed
  • Clarity, accuracy, and consistency in navigation and user experience were identified as areas for improvement.
  • Integration of medical notes with the calendar and other third-party applications was requested.
  • Simplification of the documentation-filling process was needed.

Persona (sample)

Using insights from the answers from coaches' interviews, I created several personas, and the persona of Johanna represents a coach who prossesses similar characteristics of some of the interviewed coaches.

FloridaBlue Mobile App persona image

Empathy Map (sample)

These four areas of focus will help create an empathy map that captures the needs, desires, frustrations, and motivations of the health coach, enabling a deeper understanding of their perspective and enhancing the design of products or services tailored to their specific requirements.

FloridaBlue Mobile App persona image


I created a high-level overview of the platform which show the new sitemap and the complexity of the project, so I could quickly identify the different sections and its main objectives.

Wireframes and Sketches

Based on the provided sitemap, I created multiple sketches for the Coach On platform user interface. Shown below is the chosen sketch that I based my wireframes on and translated the platform's structure and organization into visual representations, ensuring a clear and intuitive user experience. This helped me focus on the interactions and enhance usability across the platform, primarily focusing on the clinical notes, a critical functionality coaches used to create the different health programs used by their clients. View workable final prototype

View a concept of the Coach Report Portal

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

High-fidelity Wireframes

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Learning Outcomes

Creating a UX concept for a health coaching platform without any prior experience in that industry was an enlightening journey filled with challenges and learning opportunities. Despite lacking expertise in the field, I embarked on the task with enthusiasm, leveraging available resources and conducting extensive research to understand the needs and preferences of potential users. The learning curve was steep, as I delved into the intricacies of user experience design, usability principles, and industry best practices. Through trial and error, I iteratively refined my concepts, incorporating feedback from administrators of the platform and conducting presentations to them to validate my ideas.

However, despite the considerable effort invested in developing a robust and user-friendly platform, it was disheartening to learn that my concept was not adopted due to the complexity of reengineering the existing infrastructure. The realization that the platform required substantial modifications and reconfiguration beyond the scope of my initial design was a humbling experience. It highlighted the importance of understanding the technical constraints and limitations of implementation before investing significant time and effort in concept development. Although the outcome was disappointing, this journey taught me valuable lessons about the intricacies of product development, the need for effective communication with stakeholders, and the importance of aligning design concepts with technical feasibility.

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