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FloridaBlue Agent Portal

UX/Information Architecture

About the Project

Florida Blue Agent Portal is a crucial platform utilized by insurance agents specializing in selling Florida Blue health plans. The primary goal was to enhance the overall user experience and introduce new functionalities such as quick quote generation, client dashboards, and tracking policy information for several levels of account management within the agent organization.

My Role
UX, UI, Information Architecture
I focused on creating a new information architecture and concepts, creating a user-centric experience that optimizes usability, streamlines workflows, and empowers agents to deliver a better service to their clients.
6 months. Self-started project with team collaboration.
XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, UserZoom (for UX research)

Problems and challenges

These are the primary challenges facing this platform:

  • Lack of adequate usability
  • Innefficient proposal process
  • Non-intuitive data display
  • Complex navigation
  • Inconsistent workflows
  • Lack of customization
  • Limited accessability
  • Spanish version did not work

Research & Discovery

The initial step in identifying problems and usability issues involved printing copies of all existing site pages to thoroughly examine each one. We gained insights into existing issues by associating the identified problems with necessary requirements. We laid the foundation for a more user-centered and practical agent portal experience, encompassing over 100 pages and meticulous documentation of site functionality.

FloridaBlue Agent

I conducted a questionnaire using UserZoom to understand the agents' perspectives and opinions on the existing portal and identify the key functionalities they believed were necessary for an enhanced user experience. Their feedback was crucial in creating a user-centric platform enabling them to develop sales and prospect administration points more efficiently. These were the most critical findings:

  • 89% Agents faced difficulties in effectively using the portal, especially on the mobile version.
  • 90% Agents found it challenging to generate proposals quickly, particularly with bilingual input.
  • 55% Agents needed clarification and repetitive actions while selecting and modifying data, indicating a lack of user-friendliness.
  • Crucial importance of claims filing and tracking health plan information.
  • All agree a better navigation was needed and onboarding feature.
  • Portal needed a better workflow to improve sales.

Competitor Analysis

A thorough UX competitor analysis was conducted, evaluating four key competitors in the health insurance agent portal space. The analysis revealed that most competitors faced similar issues as the Florida Blue Agent Portal, highlighting common usability challenges and shortcomings. However, upon closer examination, it was found that two competitors stood out with better user experiences. This analysis emphasized the need to improve the user experience of the Florida Blue Agent Portal to meet or exceed the standards set by these two leading competitors.

FloridaBlue Mobile App persona image

Activity Flow

I created a high-level overview of the portal and its functionalities, so I could quickly identify the different sections of the portal and its main objectives. Below is the process of building aquick proposal

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Concept samples:

FloridaBlue Activity Flow


I created several concepts and here below some of them

FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow


Although only partially implemented due to budget constraints, the Florida Blue Agent Portal UX concept significantly impacted the platform's development. Engineers were able to leverage some of the concepts to enhance the data display and plan selection interfaces, resulting in improved user experiences. Additionally, my ideas influenced implementing a simplified version of the client dashboard, allowing agents to efficiently manage their client portfolios. While not all features were realized, adopting key UX concepts showcased the value of user-centered design in enhancing the overall functionality and usability of the Agent Portal.

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