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FloridaBlue Mobile App

UX/UI Design and concept

About the Project

In an age where digital innovation intersects with personalized healthcare, the Florida Blue Mobile App has set a new standard. Tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals under and over 65, this app redefines the user experience in healthcare management. With a focus on simplicity, personalization, and accessibility, I envisioned a platform that meets and anticipates user needs, facilitating every user's seamless health management journey.

My Role
UX, UI, Information Architecture
Envisioning a personalized, user-friendly healthcare mobile app.
10 months. Self-started project with team collaboration.
Proto.io, Illustrator, Photoshop, XD

Key Features at a Glance:

In crafting the Florida Blue Mobile App, our design and development teams prioritized a set of primary basic requirements for evaluating usability and gauging user reactions across diverse focus groups.

Dual Demographic Design: Custom interfaces for users under 65 and over 65, ensuring accessibility and usability for all.

Intuitive Navigation: Simplified and straightforward app layout for easy access to all features.

Personalized Health Plans: Health plans tailored to individual needs and goals for a more personalized approach to health management.

Notifications: Timely alerts on healthcare offerings to keep users informed and engaged.

Easy Doctor Appointments: Simplifies the process of scheduling doctor visits, making healthcare more accessible.

Claim Tracking: Users can easily create and monitor the status of their claims, streamlining the management process.

Direct Bill Payments: Facilitates quick and secure payments, simplifying the financial aspects of health management.

UX Research Insights: Enhancing the Florida Blue App

Our interviews with focus groups have yielded critical insights that were instrumental in shaping the development of the Florida Blue Mobile App. These findings provided valuable perspectives and aligned the app's features with our users' needs and expectations. Here are the pivotal results that are guiding our design and development process:

Information Accessibility: A significant 45% of users strongly desired enhanced access to information about their accounts and health plans, highlighting the need for a more informative and transparent user experience.

Service Integration About 70% of participants indicated the need for easy references to additional services offered by their health plans, underscoring the importance of integrating these services within the app for better accessibility.

Clarity in Health Plan Details: 80% of users called for a more straightforward presentation of health plan specifics, such as deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses, emphasizing the demand for transparency and ease of understanding.

Claims Management:The ability to file and track claims was identified as a critical feature, pointing to the necessity of a streamlined and efficient process for managing health plan information.

Incentivization:30% of participants showed interest in having incentives, such as discounts or rewards, linked to health plan benefits to motivate app engagement and usage.

Efficiency in Care Access: Lastly, 75% of users highlighted the critical importance of being able to quickly search for doctors and book appointments, marking it as an essential feature for future app iterations despite its absence in the current version.

These insights from our UX research were pivotal in directing the ongoing development of the Florida Blue Mobile App, ensuring that it met and exceeded user expectations by providing a highly intuitive, personalized, and efficient health management experience.

Crafting User-Centric Design: Joe's Persona and the Florida Blue Mobile App

Drawing upon extensive project specifications, insights from user interviews, and in-depth research, we crafted a persona that encapsulates a significant portion of our intended audience for the Florida Blue Mobile App. This persona, one of many, brings to life the character of 'Joe,' a retired professional over 65, illustrating our users' nuanced needs and preferences.

  • Joe represented the 80% of users who demanded a more straightforward presentation of health plan specifics (deductibles, co-payments, out-of-pocket expenses).
  • Echoed the sentiments of 45% of focus group participants, who strongly desired improved information on their accounts and health plans.
  • Was part of the 30% demographic interested in incentives (discounts or rewards) tied to health plan benefits to significantly encourage the app usage.
  • Highlighted the need for motivational elements within the app to engage users like himself.

Appointment Booking:Although reserved for a later phase of the app and not implemented in 1st the first phase version, 75% of users, including Joe, emphasized the importance of quick doctor search and appointment booking features. This feedback was invaluable for future updates, indicating a high demand for streamlined healthcare access.

FloridaBlue Mobile App persona image

Innovative Design and Strategic Insight: Shaping the Florida Blue Mobile App

In developing the Florida Blue Mobile App, I harnessed innovative design thinking and deep user insights to create a solution that addresses the varied needs of all users. My leadership in integrating features like 'Find a Doctor' and simplifying healthcare information has significantly enhanced accessibility and understanding. I introduced a customizable dashboard and real-time notifications, driving user engagement and setting new standards in digital healthcare innovation. This project, highlighted by user-centered design and rapid prototyping, showcases my commitment to excellence and ability to deliver impactful digital healthcare solutions.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Mastering User Experience: Crafting the Sitemap and User Flows

In developing the Florida Blue Mobile App's sitemap and user flow, I innovatively used Adobe Illustrator, enhancing the visualization of the app's structure and user journey. This approach enabled a detailed and intuitive guide for engineers and stakeholders, merging design with functionality for a seamless user experience. My wireframes delivered a clear, detailed task flow, optimizing user interaction and supporting backend development. This strategy demonstrates my ability to blend creativity with practicality, significantly contributing to the app's success.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Concluding Insights and the Path Forward

Participating in focus group testing for the Florida Blue Mobile App, I focused on validating concepts and boosting usability. Demonstrated through UI samples, I highlighted essential features like Push Notifications and Find a Doctor, which are crucial for the app's acclaim. This collaborative effort with engineers and designers was critical to our success, culminating in the app being named the best in healthcare for 2017. While I can't show the entire Design System, the final designs reflect the comprehensive scope and my significant contributions to this award-winning project.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Lessons Learned:

  • The Power of Collaboration: My work demonstrated the invaluable synergy between design and engineering, underscoring a unified approach as crucial for impactful digital solutions.
  • Adaptability in Design: My adoption of unconventional tools like Illustrator for user flows and sitemaps showcased the importance of adaptability and innovation in design practices.
  • User-Centric Focus: The focus on gathering user feedback and conducting tests was a cornerstone of my approach, ensuring user satisfaction and experience remain at the forefront of app development.
  • Overcoming Limitations: Faced with limitations to include more for this case study, such as restrictions on showcasing the entire Design System, I found ways to emphasize my personal contributions and the development of essential components.

This case study marks the culmination of a significant project. It sets the stage for future endeavors, armed with insights and experiences that will continue shaping my UX design approach.

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