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FloridaBlue Mobile App

UX/UI Design and concept

About the Project

Florida Blue sought to improve customer service through a mobile app that grants mobile access to their members' site information.

My Role
UX, UI, Information Architecture
My focus was on creating a fast, efficient, and user-friendly mobile experience that streamlines users' healthcare plan information.
10 months. Self-started project with team collaboration.
Proto.io, Illustrator, Photoshop, XD

Requirements to consider

These are the primary requirements to consider and were the most to have in the concepts to evaluate usability and to see users' reactions during testing sections with different focus groups.

  • Tailored App for two demographies: Under 65 years old and over 65 years old users
  • Straightforward, and intuitive navigation
  • Personalized health plans
  • Notifications about healthcare offerings
  • Easy doctors' appointments
  • Ability to create and track claims
  • Direct payment of bills

Interviews' Research Results:

The interviews of focus groups revealed several key findings. Responses were valuable insights to guide the app's development and align it with user expectations. These are the most important findings:

  • 45% have strong desire for improved information about accounts and health plans.
  • 70% have need for references to additional services provided by health plans.
  • 80% demand for clearer display of health plan details (deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses).
  • Crucial importance of claims filing and tracking health plan information.
  • 30% have desire for incentives (discounts or rewards) tied to health plan benefits to encourage app usage.
  • 75% said the importance of quick doctor search and appointment booking was excellent to have (reserved for a later phase of the App, no implemented on this version).

Persona (sample)

Using insights from the requirements, interviews, and topic research, this persona reflected one of the target user bases. This sample of the persona of several created shows Joe was a professional, retired, and over 65 years old.

  • Tech Proficiency: Tech-savvy, comfortable using a smartphone
  • Healthcare Knowledge: Basic understanding of healthcare insurance
  • Primary Goal: Find a doctor near home
  • Value: Emphasizes convenience and quick access to nearby doctors
  • Prioritize Healthcare needs
FloridaBlue Mobile App persona image

Activity Flow

I created a high-level overview of the App and its functionalities, so I could quickly identify the different sections of the App and its main objectives.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

User Flow and sitemap

The sitemap was created for a double purpose as well; it also shows the user flow and preliminary interactions of the App. I created this unusual approach to also show the different functionalities of each screen for engineers and stakeholders to better understand the App's interactions.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Wireframes with Task Flow

Using the same approach to creating the interactions shown in the sitemap above, I made the wireframes, demonstrating a detailed task flow for each App screen. Several concepts were taken into consideration. Engineers were happy with this approach because it gave them ideas for creating the App's back end.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow
FloridaBlue Activity Flow

UI Design

Various tests of the different versions were presented to focus groups for testing the concepts and usability, and these are examples of the UI shown. Key features were Push Notifications, Find a Doctor, Plan Benefits, and claims views. My collaboration with the engineers and other designers was very close in this part of the application development. This App earned recognition as the best mobile app experience in the healthcare industry for 2017.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow
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