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N-able Salesforce members community

UX/UI Design and Branding

About the Project

N-able is a global leader that provides IT management tools and MSP (Managed service provider) services. In early 2023, N-able contacted IBM to redesign its Community Salesforce site and improve its usability.

My Role
UX and UI Lead
Re-design usability and interactions of the Salesforce community and implement corporate branding.
4 weeks to complete it
Figma, Jira, Mural, Invision


I encountered and overcame significant challenges that directly impacted user experience and brand consistency. Here's a snapshot of the hurdles we faced:

  • Lack of Intuitiveness: Users found it hard to navigate and engage, signaling a clear need for a more intuitive design.
  • Overly complex navigation: The mega menu was a maze, complicating the user journey rather than facilitating it.
  • Usability needed a boost: Enhancing usability wasn't just about making things more straightforward to use; it was also about reinforcing the N-able brand at every touchpoint.
  • Outdated Branding: Creating a cohesive and recognizable brand identity by incorporating N-able's branding guidelines.
  • Salesforce component mishaps:The display of Salesforce components was far from ideal to improve the user experience.
  • Fragmented community sections: Community content was scattered across various categories, making it hard for users to find what they needed.

Tackling these issues was vital to transforming the N-able online community into a seamless, engaging, and brand-aligned experience.


Leveraging the comprehensive data provided by the N-able team, we swiftly devised a redesign strategy to enhance the site's usability and interaction, despite the tight timeline. Our approach involved:

  • Analyzing user feedback to identify key pain points in the existing experience.
  • Proposing the transition to a Salesforce standard menu for improved navigation.
  • Revising the site structure with an updated sitemap for better user flow.
  • Emphasizing the need for unified branding guidelines after gathering feedback.
  • Highlighting critical areas for user experience enhancement.
  • Strategically prioritizing UX enhancements to meet user demands effectively.


We developed a concise, restructured sitemap to address usability challenges in the N-able Salesforce community. This redesign organizes pages more logically, significantly improving navigation and user experience. The accompanying image offers a clear snapshot of these enhancements, showcasing our commitment to creating a more intuitive and user-friendly community platform.



In redesigning the N-able online community, my wireframes addressed vital usability issues, particularly the overcomplex mega menu, to streamline navigation and align with the N-able brand identity. Simplification efforts extended to better brand cohesion and effective Salesforce component integration. I also restructured the community sections for logical categorization, enhancing user flow as one of the solutions requested. This strategic wireframing was crucial in tackling identified problems and improving the overall user experience.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Seamless Integration: Elevating the N-able Experience with Strategic Design and Brand Alignment

In crafting the N-able UI kit, I focused on aligning the design closely with corporate branding, leading to its approval by the N-able team. My work strategically enhanced Salesforce components to fit N-able's brand identity, resulting in a customized, brand-cohesive solution. The final design, a responsive integration of Salesforce's features with N-able's branding, was lauded for its adaptability and brand alignment. It received immediate approval with minimal adjustments needed. Achieving this within a stringent 4-week timeline highlights my proficiency in UX/Product Design and my capability to deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines.


Lessons Learned:

In a high-stakes, 4-week project for N-able, I led a UX/UI redesign to enhance usability and integrate corporate branding within their Community Salesforce site. Addressing challenges like unintuitive navigation and outdated branding, I utilized tools like Figma and Invision for strategic wireframing and design. My approach focused on simplifying user flows, aligning design with N-able's brand identity, and improving Salesforce component integration. This resulted in a seamless, intuitive user experience that received immediate stakeholder approval. This project showcased my ability to deliver innovative design solutions under tight deadlines, reinforcing my expertise in creating impactful, brand-aligned digital environments.

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