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N-able Salesforce members community

UX/UI Design and Branding

About the Project

N-able, a global leader in IT management tools and MSP services, redesigned its Community Salesforce site to enhance usability, streamline user interactions, and improve navigation for its community members.

My Role
UX and UI Lead
Problem Statement
Re-design usability and interactions of the Salesforce community and implement corporate branding.
4 weeks to complete it
Figma, Jira, Mural, Invision

Challenges to Overcome:

In enhancing user experience and brand consistency, I tackled significant obstacles:

  • Lack of Intuitiveness: Addressed the need for a user-friendly design to simplify navigation and engagement.
  • Complex Navigation: Streamlined the convoluted mega menu to ease the user journey.
  • Usability Enhancement: Focused on simplifying interaction while reinforcing the N-able brand across all touchpoints.
  • Outdated Branding: Updated the brand identity to reflect N-able's guidelines, ensuring cohesion and recognition.
  • Salesforce Component Issues: Optimized Salesforce components display to elevate the user experience.
  • Fragmented Community Sections: Reorganized scattered content into coherent categories for better accessibility.


I revamped the N-able Salesforce community's sitemap, enhancing usability by logically organizing pages for improved navigation. The result? A user-friendly version that underlined an intuitive approach, as highlighted in the accompanying visual overview.



I streamlined the N-able community's navigation by simplifying the mega menu, aligning it with the brand, and integrating Salesforce components. My wireframes reorganized content for a better user flow, greatly enhancing the user experience.

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

Seamless Integration:
Elevating the N-able Experience with Strategic Design and Brand Alignment

I designed a UI kit for N-able that perfectly matched its brand identity, earning immediate team approval. My work, integrating Salesforce components with N-able's branding, was completed within a challenging 4-week period, demonstrating my skill in delivering cohesive, adaptable design solutions under tight deadlines.


The design solutions I implemented for the challenges described above significantly enhanced user engagement, simplified navigation, ensured consistent brand identity, improved usability, and increased content accessibility, transforming the N-able online community into a seamless and engaging experience, as you can see below.

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