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N-able Salesforce members community

UX/UI Design and Branding

About the Project

N-able is a global leader that provides IT management tools and MSP (Managed service provider) services. It has a community that depends on Salesforce, and in early 2023 needed a re-design of that particular segment of its services.

My Role
UX, UI, Branding
Re-design usability and interactions of the Salesforce community and implement corporate branding.
4 weeks
Team collaboration.
Figma, Jira, Mural, Invision


This list below highlights several problems discovered within the online community of N-able. In addition, the lack of consolidated branding guidelines hampers the establishment of a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. Addressing these issues was crucial for enhancing the user experience and improving the overall effectiveness of the N-able online community.

  • Lack of intuitiveness
  • Complex mega menu making navigation difficult
  • Needed improvements to enhance usability aand maintain brand identity.
  • Lack of consolidated branding
  • Inadequated Salesforce components display
  • Scattered community sections across different categories.

Findings & Solutions

This project was conceived in a straightforward approach to make it quick to complete due to the short time given to finish it. All the information was provided by the N-able team, who had already conducted research and customer inputs. Still, we did find some issues with the usability and interactions needed for the site. These were our recommendations and solutions:

Gathered insights and pain points regarding the current user experience.

Recommended replacing the mega menu with a Salesforce standard menu.

Recommended reorganizing the site with a new sitemap.

Gathered feedback on the importance of consolidating branding guidelines.

Uncovered areas of improvement in the user experience.

Prioritized the UX solutions based on user needs.


In response to the identified usability issues in the N-able Salesforce community, a new sitemap was created to reorganize all pages and enhance the overall user experience. This image below provides an overview of the changes made and how they contribute to improving navigation and usability within the community.



Samples of wireframes created for the key screens of the site

FloridaBlue Activity Flow

UI Design

Samples of the UI created. This was a responsive designs.

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